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Rapid Blood Serum Test Kits:

Fast but proven not reliable.

WHO Recommends: Nucleic Acid Test

According to documents issued by NMPA, FDA and WHO, nucleic acid testing is the first choice in clinical diagnosis. With reference to WHO’s Guidelines, the role of rapid disposable tests for antigen detection for COVID-19 needs to be evaluated and is not currently recommended for clinical diagnosis.

Antibody rapid testing IgM/ IgG should not be used as individual clinical diagnosis basis and also not suitable for general screening.

PRK’s RT-PCR nucleic acid detection kit is a more effective test method and is widely used clinically in China and across the globe, providing scientific basis for diagnosis of confirmed cases and discharge of recovered patients.

Designed To Perform

Based on the newly released gene sequence information of novel coronavirus (2019-ncov), the kit adopts the “single target” design and the detection strategy of “100 to 100” for its specific gene sequence, and the 2019-ncov can be determined without mutual verification of the two genes. Unlike other competitors’ products, our primers/probes were designed according to the analyzed pathogen target sequences, and the detection sensitivity of primers obtained by the kit was higher after a large number of screening.


The minimum detection limit of the kit is 1.0x103 copies/mL.

Rapid Diagnosis

It takes only 60 minutes from sample extraction to complete detection.


The kit is specifically designed to detect 2019-ncov virus.